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Cloud Services

Many of the advantages of cloud computing are due to its flexibility and accessibility, though the benefits of moving to the cloud hardly stop there. Some of the reasons why Hamers I.T. installs and configures cloud-based services for business include:

Low Total Cost

Cost is one of the main reasons why businesses choose cloud-based services. On-premise systems are often expensive from the get-go, between necessary hardware and implementation costs and continuous management and updating from in-house personnel. That doesn’t even include the costs of hiring personnel to manage the software.

Easy Implementation

Implementing software on-premises can take months, if not years, of adjustment and re-adjustment as your company’s priorities and resources shift. With Hamers I.T. implementing your SaaS software, your team can start using the software and generating value as quickly as possible.

Scalability and Flexibility

Cloud-based services are an excellent choice for businesses that are experiencing continuous growth or that undergo fluctuations in bandwidth demands. By their nature, these internet-based services scale to your usage with little to no adjustment, giving businesses greater ability to take on greater workloads.


Cloud-based programs are more accessible than hardware-based programs, allowing employees to access data from anywhere so they can continue their work on-the-go. Some programs even have mobile options. The cloud also facilitates greater collaboration between teams, allowing various groups to access and update the same data continuously.

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