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Preventative Maintenance

Studies estimate businesses spend 80 percent of their technician’s time working on reactive maintenance issues rather than performing preventive procedures. Review the history of any operational maintenance program, and you will begin to notice a pattern: Big problems are often caused by small, preventable oversights.

Reduced risk factor.

During the preventive maintenance, business assets and tools are inspected and checked on a regular basis (according to a maintenance schedule) that enables a business or company to experience reduced risks of unexpected breakdowns and a safer workplace environment for employees to complete their tasks efficiently.

Reduced costs.

When you are taking care of your business assets by using a preventive maintenance system with Hamers I.T., you will see that the business is bearing reduced costs in terms of less breakdown and fewer expensive repair costs.

Hamers I.T. provides preventative maintenance services including:

  • Windows updates
  • Monitoring of
    • PCs
    • Servers
    • Email systems
  • Phone systems
  • Camera systems
  • Monthly checks of all equipment and hardware/software
  • User management including:
    • Add/remove users
    • Groups
    • Email addresses
  • Backup monitoring

We service many businesses including:

  • Wineries
  • Businesses
  • Doctor offices
  • Car dealerships
  • Hotels
  • And more

Don’t wait for a ticking time bomb to go off. Contact us today to set up a preventative maintenance plan for your business.

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